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How to Sing without Strain [Everything Explained]

    How to sing without strain? What if I show you how you can sing without the strain? What if your voice becomes free form all the types of forces and pressures that are decreasing your voice?

    Yes, it always sounds good and once you are done with this and start singing without any strain, then you can perform on stage with a loud voice easily.

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    If you are having any difficulty in pushing the level of your sound and your voice, and you are always facing the strain on your chest and throat when you are pushing and trying to sing louder, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you the problems which can be caused because of the strain, cause of the strain and solution of these strains.

    In this article, I will show you some best exercises and tips that are being used by the world’s best singers because the strain is the problem that affects all the singers no matter on which level and scale they are singing. So, let us get started!

    What problems strain can cause?

    First of all, you have to know which problems you can face if you are having strain in your chest or your throat when you are singing the notes of your choice.

    Voice distortion:

    Have you ever seen a picture on the TV that is distorted and disconnected? It is what your voice looks like if it has the strain. You will not be able to keep your voice and notes smoothly if you have strain.

    Even it can affect your voice so badly that you will not be able to sing anymore. So, you have to keep some simple things in mind to save your skills and talents from this strain.

    Pressure on voice:

    Have you ever heard any voice that is taken out from any instrument and human vocal cords and it feels like it is a very forceful voice? It always feels bad to your ears. Yes, this is because there is a strain in the voice.

    This pressure always takes the voice into any other direction and you will not be able to keep this on a single track so you can sing the notes of your choice.

    What are the reasons that cause the strain of the voice?

    Now, coming to the next part of this article, what are the main causes that put a strain on your voice and it forbids you to sing in a better way.

    Tension and pressure in the jaw and tongue:

    Here, you can just see the simple rule that the more flexible the thing is, the more it can produce sound. Due to many reasons, there can be tension and pressure in your jaw and tongue which will act as a barrier in your sound and you will not be able to give your best because of the strain.

    Sometimes, there are inadequate salts and minerals in your food and it makes your jaw locked, which is the biggest problem for any singer. So, if you want to prevent this type of tension and stress on your voice, you just have to do and follow some basic things that are the following:

    Solution for the decreasing tension in the jaw and tongue:

    The very first thing that you can do to prevent the tension is by eating chewing gum. It will allow you to move your jaw and tongue in more than one direction and you will be able to make some flexibility in your jaw.

    You can also give a proper and soothing massage to your jaw and throat before you are going to sing any song. You have to take your tongue out as much as you can and just make sure that you are stretching your tongue. It will help you to prevent any type of strain and pressure at the bottom of your tongue that is the part of the throat.

    After this, you can just say some long words lazily and sloppily. Make sure that you are keeping your voice relaxed in all these things that you are doing.

    Improper way of breathing:

    Do you know that it is up to you that which muscles you are using to breathe? The next cause that is putting a strain on your voice is the way of breathing. Most of the singers are using their tiny and small muscles in the throat to breadth when they are singing. This always causes tensions and force on the throat.

    Do you know that you can use your muscles in the ribs and lower back to activate your breathing muscles and diaphragm that gives more surface area to breadth properly? With the help of breathing techniques, you can generate as much power as you want in your voice in some minutes.

    The solution to breath properly:

    All you need to do is to develop a correct breathing way that is using your ribs and lower back. You have to expand your ribs to inhale and prevent taking in the noisy and short air that will raise your shoulders and chest.

    The next step you can do is to make sure that your ribs are opened when you are exhaling the air.  This will help you to control the exhale of air that will be not very slow and not very fast.

    Closed throat and inactive vocal cords:

    If you are not having enough space in your throat, then no air will pass into your vocal cords and they will not vibrate properly. Because, the more your vocal cords vibrate, the more power you can generate in your voice.

    The solution to closed throat:

    You can make enough space in your throat with the help of some yawn exercises. This is what works and opens up your throat when you are yawning. It will help you to extend your vocal tracts vertically downwards and your larynx will be dropped.

    This practice will help you to sing the notes that you are trying to sing but they always cause a strain on your voice and your throat and adding the freedom and clarity in your voice.

    Not enough resonance:

    When you are using your throat to sing instead of using the resonance in your voice that makes the voice to move forward and high is one of the biggest mistakes that many singers are doing. You just have to make sure that you are creating a natural buzz or resonance by bouncing off the sound with your teeth and facial bones.

    If you are done with the creation of this buzz, I assure you that you will be able to sing without screaming, yelling, and putting any type of strain on your voice.

    The solution to making enough resonance:

    If you want to make this practical, you just have to use some buzz voices such as ”Mm” ”Ng” and ”Ming” etc. You have to make sure that you are buzzing your voice from the mask of your face.

    You have to emphasize when you are singing and practicing the buzz of sound M. with the help of this short exercise, you will be able to note that there will be enough resonance and the notes are floating freely without any strain.

    Pulling up the chest voice:

    This is the last and most important problem as well as the cause of the strain on your voice because you are thinking, like most of the singers that if you will push your chest voice, it will create power.

    But, you are wrong. Instead of generating the power, it will put a strain on your voice and cause huskiness in your voice.

    You have to consider that your chest voice has a certain limit where it is comfortable. Pushing it beyond the level will not only cause the strain on your voice but also it can take your voice from you forever.

    The solution to use your mixed voice:

    All you need to do is to sing every note while mixing your chest voice with the head voice. You can do this by bringing down your head voice and you have to lighten your chest voice. You have to make your head voice strong. You can do this by singing the opera because it gives you complete freedom and openness to singing the notes of your choice.

    Now, focus on developing a mixed voice. Take your chest voice upward and select aa point where your chest voice is adding with your head voice.

    Conclusion: How to Sing without Strain

    You have read all the main points, solutions, problems, and steps. Now, you have to keep yourself calm while you are practicing these all. Your voice is the best instrument that you have and you have to use it in the best way. This can only be done with patience and hard work. This is not a matter of days, but it requires time and you have to give it complete time.

    After these all points, you will be able to stand on the stage and rock the stage. Imagine yourself taking the applause from the audience. So, what are you waiting for?

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