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How to Improve Vocal Tone [12 Easy Ways To Do]

    Are you trying to learn how to improve vocal tone on your own? Do you want to make your vocal tone better? Do you have any dreams which you want to follow in your singing career? Have you ever feel that you are working hard and all your efforts can be seen in your singing because you have a smooth vocal tune?

    If you have any of these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you the best techniques and exercises which you can use to enhance your vocal tone.

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    Your voice is your instrument and you have to use it very carefully, just like you use any guitar and you cannot just throw it and break it rather you play it with love and care.

    The same is the case with your vocal cords and bands that you have to use them with the proper care and love otherwise they will break apart and can even destroy your voice. Before starting the complete detail of the vocal tunes techniques and exercises, let me show you what is meant by vocal tone?

    What is the vocal tone?

    Have you ever heard more than one singer at the same time and you came to know that both singers have different voices? Vocal tones are the colors of the voices that can be dark, warm, and strident. It is the specific characteristic that you have and how you can polish that? It has many ways and the best ones are the follows:

    The vowels exercise:

    This is the best exercise that can allow you to make your voice better in some minutes. For this, all you need to do is to see in the mirror and say all the vowels that are A E I O U. You have to look at your jaw while doing this.

    Have you noticed that your jaw closed while you are saying some vowels? It would be closed on E and U. You have to pull your jaw downward by 2 inches with the help of your fingers and also you can use a bottle cap to remain it into an open position.

    Now, you are required to say and speak all the vowels again. You have to do this activity again and again because, in this way, you will make a muscle memory and show you muscles that they have to open when you are speaking these words and letters.

    Now, you have to shift your speaking into the singing and sing all the vowels in one pitch but make sure that your jaw is open. You have to do this again and again until you become a pro at this. Now, sing the song while keeping your jaw open.

    Once you are done with this technique, you will be able to produce the best voice that you want to produce.  Your voice will be louder, smoother, and strain-free.

    Thinking in reverse:

    The next step you have to do is to bring your mind and thoughts into your singing. Are you thinking that what role your mind can play in your better singing? Yes, I am here to show you that it can play a very big role in your singing.

    All you need to do is to think that you are singing the low notes when you are going on the high notes. Have you ever seen the working of an elevator? It works on the phenomenon as the weight goes down, the elevator goes up and vice versa. You have to do the same with your low notes that when you are singing them, thinking that you are singing on a high note.

    Through this exercise and technique, you will be able to add resistance to your high notes and they will be stronger.

    Get rid of strain:

    Are you trying to get rid of the strain that is blocking your voice? You can open all the books and explore all over the internet and you will be able to know that having a strain on voice can never allow you to be a better singer. It hides your voice and skills.

    All you have to is to keep your chin downwards when you are going up and gaining the power but make sure that your pectorals are flexed. These mistakes you must be doing like all the other singers that you take your chin upwards direction when you are singing any high notes and going for power.

    It has very little effect and it can take your power away. You will sound better also if you have your chin downwards.

    The next thing that you can do is keep your head in one place and do not let it move when the pitch is increasing. It will also help you to get rid of the strain because you are giving a proper air passageway and producing the sound of your will.

    Keep your vibrato working:

    If you want to active your vibrato and looking for the best technique for this, then you are in the right place. The best way to make it into a working condition is by standing in front of the mirror and place your both hands on your chest, try to raise your chest upward than normal.

    You have to take a deep breath when you are exhaling, do not drop your chest. Now, you have to press your chest and let it meet with the pressure you are generated while keeping it upward. Try to sing AHHH and make your back of the neck relaxed while keeping your jaw open, as I have mentioned before.

    Now, the air will move around in your mouth and you can feel that. You have to do this vibrato before you are going to sing as a warmup.

    Do not try to overuse it because it can be fatal. But, you do not have to leave it. Just make a balance and do it sometimes when you are feeling that your chest is not producing much voice.

    Some of the best ways to improve your vocal tone:

    There are some other things that you can do daily. These are the small things but all these have a very strong impact on your singing and voice.

    Breathing from diaphragm:

    You have to breathe from your diaphragm, that is your belly part and do not engage your chest in your breathing. It can cause stress and tension on your chest and your voice will not be able to come out.

    Blowing the bubbles:

    When you are speaking and talking with someone, you have to sustain your breath. It will help you to sing high notes very easily.

    Make yourself grounded:

    It means when you are sitting or doing anything in your general routine, you have to try sitting on your hands and squeeze your muscles. Yes, it is a physical exercise but it is very important to make a strong connection between your voice and organs. In this way, the voice will come out will be more strong and grounded.

    Add fun in your vocal range:

    You must find fun in anything that you are doing because you will be able to do that thing efficiently. This training is fun and all you need to do is to sing while you are taking a shower.

    Go up and down:

    It means that when you are reading any paragraph, poem, or prose. You need to start slow and gradually go up while reading and then go down. It will give you a variety of vocal ranges and you will be more interesting when anyone is listening to you.

    Speed mechanic:

    Are you thinking that it is something technical? Yes, you are right. You also have to play with your speed of the voice. In addition to the above exercise, you have to go fast and read or speak the words without taking any break and then read it slowly.

    Resonance variations:

    You have to play with the resonance and try different modes of resonance. From low to high, you can try and pick up the best one. Low resonance is best for catching the attention of the people and high resonance will allow you to produce warming and comfortable voice.

    Make your mind:

    The last thing is very important that you have to feel that your voice is made to be heard. You have to bring it out and show it to the world. If you will be comfortable and dedicated while singing, the audience will be more comfortable.

    Conclusion: How to improve vocal tone

    You have read all the facts and points and now you can easily evaluate yourself that on what point you are standing and on which things you have to work. You have to stay motivated and encouraged.

    Hopefully, this post on how to improve vocal tone was very helpful to you.

    Once you develop all the unique and special features in your voice, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. Give yourself a chance and bring the best singer that is inside you. So, what are you waiting for? Start from now!

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