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How To Sing Like A Country Singer [7 Insane Tips]

    Ever wondered how to sing like a country singer? Did you ever want to become a singer to sing country music? Are you trying to practice country singing, but you need some assistance and techniques that can help you to do so?

    If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you the best ways through which you will be able to master your country singing.

    Nowadays, country singing is becoming as famous as pop music and everyone is trying to step into that. It is the form of music in which the singer tells a story with emotions and this is why it is referred to as down-to-earth singing.

    You may wonder why you should learn country singing when rock and jazz are here to learn. Consider that you are on a singing tour and not everyone will like the music of your choice of genre or when you are performing in a rural or small-town area, the country songs will be appreciated as compared to other music genres. Because country songs are closer to people’s emotions and everyone can feel these songs.

    Also, if you learn country songs, you will be more versatile and you will be able to sing for everyone sitting in front of you in your audience, and people of every age will love you.

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    How can you become a good country singer?

    If you want to be a good country singer, keep in your mind that you need to learn some different techniques and styles as compared to other forms of singing. Most country singers use a microphone because they do not need to carry the whole hall, they just need to express a story in their style of singing.

    As country singing is just telling a story. So, you do not need to open your mouth and throat round and wide to produce the rich tones as required in classical singing. You may have this skill for other types of tones, but not in country singing.

    Important skills and techniques for country singing:

    The following are some important tricks and techniques that are required for country singing. These all are simple practices that you can perform at your home. So, let’s get started:

    Practicing nasal singing techniques:

    The best way to practice country singing is with the help of using the nasal singing technique. Many music genres require singing in a controlled manner and you can simply note down the difference between nasal and non-nasal singing by plugging your nose while singing. You have to sing the same song without holding your nose, and you will be able to see a big difference in the voice produced by your diaphragm.

    The sound will be deeper and more controlled when you sing while plugging your nose. So, you should focus more on a less controlled and flowing voice, to be a good country singer.

    You should learn the correct Enunciation:

    When you are using your voice to enunciate the words, this is what you do, diction. You should keep in your mind that the processes of speaking and singing are different from each other when pronunciation is concerned. You do not need to focus on the pronunciation of the words when you are singing, just to look at the word better because you are singing the word, not speaking it.

    So, in singing, your focus should be on the enunciation of the words and you have to enunciate them properly. Also, keep in your mind that the enunciation of different words will be different and it depends on the type of sound and voice you are using.

    Adding twangs and country accents:

    The next step in practicing country singing is to add twang and country accents as these are considered western songs. These originated from the Appalachian Mountains and southern US country, and it has roots in folk music, old music, and gospel music.

    So, if you add a little twang or accent to country singing, then you can be one of the best country singers. Now if you are thinking that what twang is. So, it just carries more weight in the country genre. It is not a vocal technique that is used in country songs, it is just the addition of weight, which is a little twang in the style you sing.

    Transition into a singing voice:

    Once you are done with adding a little twang in the style and music of your genre, the next step is the transition into a singing voice, in which you will be started by singing a song. It does not require any specific song, but it can be some random song, and try to sing it as if you are one of the characters that you were trying to emulate from the last step.

    You have to sing exaggerated to a larger extent. Try to slow down the song you are singing a little bit and if you feel that you sound like a monotone, it will be like a country music robot, then note that you are on a right track.

    When you are singing exaggerated twang, it will help you to get to know how your voice should feel when you are trying to sing with that particular accent. In this way, you are developing muscle memory in singing, which will be necessary for you to produce that same sound in that accent on command.

    The technique behind ‘’Twang’’:

    What comes to your mind when you listen to the word ‘’twangs’’? Everyone thinks to twang a cat-like, southern quality technique and sound used by the country singers. This is true to some extent but there is much more for you to learn about this. Twang is also a technique that is used in other music genres and is used by other singers as well.

    When you are adding twang to your voice, it will be doing the following two things to your voice:

    1. It will give you a less breathy and brighter tone.
    2. It will add 10 to 15 decibels of power without increasing and putting any strain on your voice. Even if you are not practicing country singing, it will be always beneficial for you to increase the potential in your voice.

    You have to make sure that you are practicing twangs in your speaking voice because it is a very good way of this technique. Once you are done with twangs in your speaking voice, then you will be able to add this in your singing voice more comfortably.

    Try to sing in different accents:

    Once you are done with singing in one accent and sustain your voice in that accent for the entire song, the next step is to try different accents that are famous and essential for country singing. The following are some important and famous accents:

    • The Mississippi accents.
    • The Alabama accents.
    • The Texas accents.

    You need a professional vocal coach or a singing course that will help you to differentiate between these accents, and it is also possible for you to add some more complexity to your voice but make sure that you are not crossing the limits and you are not harming your voice in any way.

    Record yourself:

    One of the best ways to note down your progress while you are practicing country singing is by recording yourself. It is very important to know if you have mastered country singing or not.

    You do not need anything fancy or professional to record yourself, as this can be done with a simple microphone. You just need to press the recording button and start singing. Make sure that you are taking proper rests between the practice sessions. If you want to play a track in the background, you can also play it and sing along, but keep its volume less so that you can hear yourself after the recording.

    After that, play the track you recorded and you will be able to note down your progress. As some people realize that they are not making twang as they thought. If you feel that you are pushing your voice to make the twangs, then you need a little more practice and make it natural. Once you hear yourself adding twangs in your voice, you are off to a very good start.

    Conclusion: How to sing like a country singer

    Hopefully, this article on how to sing like a country singer was very helpful to you.

    You have read all the important points and techniques necessary for country singing. Now, is the time for you to practice these all and master yourself. You just need to be patient with yourself and make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated during your practice sessions.

    Even if you do not want to learn country singing, these techniques and tips will be beneficial for you at every step in your singing career. Now, is the time for you to achieve your dreams by doing just a little hard work, and one day, you will be rocking on stage and gathering all the love from your audience.

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