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How To Have A Stronger Singing Voice [Insane Results]

    Wanna learn how to have a stronger singing voice that sets you apart from the rest? Have you ever thought about the results of your vocal cords becoming stronger? Do you want to get rid of all the problems caused by your weak vocal cords?

    If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because in this article I am going to show you all the possible and best ways through which you can make your voice stronger and strengthen your vocal cords. The health of your voice is very important as your mental and physical health.

    So, you need to keep this in your mind that you have to practice properly to keep up with the demands of being a singer. All you need to do is to keep your vocal cords and vocal folds in their correct and best shape and it will help you to strengthen your voice. Vocal health can be maintained and vocal strength can be increased by correct vocal techniques and practice.

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    Tips and techniques to make your voice stronger:

    The following are the best methods and techniques that you must use to increase the strength of your voice:

    Warming up the vocals:

    One of the best and most important tips to be a singer is to warm up your vocal cords properly. In the warm-ups, you will be slowly opening and stretching your voice for the best use in the same way you warm up your muscles and tissues before a body workout. It will help in the chest as well as in the head voice and the transition between them will be effortless and seamless.

    Some helpful and effective warm-ups are:


    In this practice, you will start by singing the low notes and reaching the high notes without putting any strain on your voice. In this way, you will be stretching the voice.

    Vowel sounds:

    In this exercise, you will be opening up the vocal scales and climbing into them very easily. It will also help you to open your vocal range.

    Lip trills:

    It will help you to lose your lips as it is the most important part of the signing, allowing the voice to come out. So, it needs to be flexible enough.

    Controlling the Breaths:

    The next important part in warm-ups and strengthening the voice is the proper airflow. Breath support is very important for every type of singer and having breath support is what gives you proper strength in your voice.

    If you have proper airflow, then you will be able to hold the notes, sound support, and strong delivery. Now, the best way to gain breath support is with the help of straw phonation. You can use a straw that can be of metal, make sure you are not using a plastic straw.

    You have to breathe and try to push the sound out from the little hole. It will help you to control your breath and gives you breathe support. In this way, you will be able to hit, sustain and deliver the notes easier and correctly as professional singers.

    Keep your voice hydrated:

    Water is the best thing you can use to hydrate your voice. After water, you can also use herbal teas, but make sure these are not too hot. You have to drink water all day long and keep a water bottle with you whenever you are practicing. You have to keep your vocal cords lubricated and they will work in the best way.

    Practicing some exercises for singing:

    Exercises are also important for the voice as these exercises help you focus and train certain parts of your singing. If we compare exercises with the warm-ups, these go a little deep and work on the part of your voice that needs attention.

    There are some basic exercises that you can do such as relaxing the soft palette and concentrating on your vibrato. You need to make sure by the exercise that you are not using too much of your vibrato when you are singing. You have to address all the problems like not having proper breath support and singing nasally etc.

    Take proper vocal naps:

    If you are practicing too much without any break, there are many chances that you are ruining your vocal cords and you will be more likely to get an injury. It means that you do not have to sing, while practicing, talk very less, and try not to whisper because it puts pressure on your vocal cords. You need to give proper time to your voice so it can regenerate. It will give time to your vocal cords to heal and recuperate.

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    Try not to sing with your throat:

    Once you are keeping your vocal cords healthy, you need to understand that vocal folds are the complex system, from where your voice is generated. If you are trying to sing well and make your voice strong, you need to know where your voice is coming from.

    You need to make sure that you are not singing from your throat and make sure that you are singing with your breath and that is supported by your diaphragm. Try to sing from the core and relax your vocal cords. You have to keep in your mind that it takes time for this practice. So, you need to trust this process to train your body.

    Stop singing if it hurts:

    If you are feeling any strain or you have any injury or allergy, and if you are experiencing the pain, this is your body telling you to stop. Then, you need to take proper vocal rest, drink water, visit any professional and take care of yourself and your voice. Try not to push your voice, it can increase the pain.

    Conclusion: How to have a stronger singing voice

    You have read all the important and main points to make your voice strong. Now, you have to practice these all and make sure that you are not harming your voice in any way. Just stay motivated and trust yourself and the process that you are going through.

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