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How To Practice Singing Quietly [10+ Top Tips]
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How To Practice Singing Quietly [10+ Top Tips]

    Did you ever wonder how to practice singing quietly? Are you trying to sing but without disturbing your family and neighbors? Do you feel discouraged and demotivated when anyone hears you practicing singing?

    If you have these questions in your mind, then you are at the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you some best possible solutions through which you can practice singing, and nobody will hear you.

    There can be many reasons why you want to practice singing quietly as if you are sharing space with someone, you do not want your family to listen to you, you feel ashamed when someone hears you while singing, and you can only practice in your comfort zone.

    You should not be worried if you are facing these issues because most of the singers always practice singing quietly because they do not want someone else to note down the mistakes that they are making in their practice.

    How to practice singing quietly pin

    Important things you can do to practice singing quietly:

    The following are some best ways through which you will be able to practice singing quietly and there will be no one to interrupt your practice session. Note them down when you are going to practice and I assure you that you will be able to sing the way you want very easily:

    Turning on Fan or Tv:

    turning fan

    It will be a distraction in your singing but the pink and the white noise will help you to mask your singing and no one will hear you. By turning on a fan or Tv, your voice will be masked and the single noise will not distract you from singing as well.

    You have to make sure that you are not turning the Tv too loud so it disturbs your voice and the others around you as well. The thick wall will help you sing better and one will be able to hear you in the surrounding rooms.

    You can also play the song that you are practicing on the Tv and practice along with it. All you need to do is to find a song that you are practicing and find a karaoke version that is without the lyrics. Make sure that the volume of the music is louder than your voice and everyone will think that you are just listening to the music and you can practice secretly.

    Singing in a lighter voice:

    You can also sing in a lighter voice and all you need to do is to pick a song that is not too loud and does not require your high pitch. You can practice that song in a lighter voice and note and in this way, you will also make sure that you are singing the correct notes.

    Make sure when you are singing the song on a lighter note, it does not mean that you are singing under your breath, it will not be a good technique for you.

    Singing with the help of a pillow:

    This technique sounds funny but most of the singers use this technique to practice singing quietly. All you have to do is to sing with the same note and same loudness in your pillow, you will be singing in the same pitch. You can also cover your ears with your hands if you are using this technique, it will make you hear your pitch and voice.

    Practice using microphone and headset:

    headset singing

    For this technique, you should have a microphone and a headset. The microphone will help you to record your voice clear and the headset will create a quiet environment for you when you are wearing them.

    You have to put the microphone and headset in a way that you will be able to listen to your voice. You can check on the internet, many free applications will allow you to do so. In this way, there will be no need for you to sing louder as you can set the volume for the microphone and the headset.

    Most of the headsets also have an option of ‘’gain’’, in which you will be able to increase the volume for your sound. Make sure you sing in an optimal volume so that when you are singing live, you know in which range of loudness you have to sing.

    Singing with the acoustic foam:

    soundproofing foams

    Acoustic foam or soundproofing foams are the special types of foams that are used for absorption of sound, generally talking, etc. the thicker the foam, the more soundproofing it will be. But, nowadays, in this tech-savvy world, many thin foams can be used instead of thinking and large foams.

    You do not have to place the acoustic foam all over in your room, you can also place these foams on a specific part of your room, and it will be enough so that your voice will be out of reach from everyone around you. You can place these foams in a corner of your room for the best results.

    Try Humming:

    You can also try humming when singing a song. It is also a workout for your vocal cords and you will be able to hit the high notes on the natural projection. It will help you to do a proper workout as you will not be disturbing anyone around you as well. If you are doing humming, it will help you to control your pitch and breath control.

    Picking up the correct time:

    If you are finding it difficult to sing when others are around you, you can just simply pick a time when no one is around. It can be late night or early morning when everyone is busy or sleeping. It will help you to sing independently without any fear in your heart and you will be able to work on your pitch and cords.

    Singing in the closet:

    You can set your closet space as your small studio where you can practice singing and you can work on your vocals and you can go as loud as you want to. It is the best solution for the people who do not have enough budget for soundproofing their room.

    The clothes and other things in the closet will work as the soundproofing material and it will also dampen the echo. The closet will give you privacy and you will be able to work on your voice the way you want to. Many people start podcasting in their closets when they do not have a proper room or budget to install a soundproofing system.

    Joining a choir:


    If you find it difficult to sing at your home when the others are around, the best option is to join a choir. Most of the choirs have a dedicated place where they can practice and no one interrupts them.

    If you are practicing solo singing, the choir will also help in this as you will be able to master the techniques by looking and observing others. It will also boost your self-confidence and morale as you will meet more singers like you.

    Finding a place where you can sing:

    If you cannot practice singing at your home, then you must find some other place where you can practice signing without disturbing anyone else. You can also pair with some people who also want to sing secretly, you can get a place and practice as loud as you want to.

    You can take help from your schools are there are always empty classrooms and auditoriums. You can request your teachers and they will allow you to practice after-hours or during the break.

    Some more tips to sing quietly:

    Here are some more guidelines for you before you start singing quietly:

    • Your posture should be upright and stay in a standing position. It will align your spine and singing muscles and will not put any pressure on any part of your body.
    • You should do stretching and release all the tensions in your body and muscles. It will also help you to make your throat clear and prepare your muscles for singing.
    • You have to inhale and exhale to expand your waistline, but make sure while inhaling and exhaling your chest is high.
    • You have to sing in a light and humming voice without forcing your vocal cords in an easy and light pitch.
    • You need to focus on humming and make sure that the ‘’m’’ is the main focus, which is followed by an ‘’ee’’ sound.
    • Make sure that you are hydrated while you are practicing singing and do not hurt yourself by any means.

    Conclusion: How to practice singing quietly?

    You have read all these main points and now it is the time to change your dream into a reality this can be done if your motivation is high and you are dedicated to the change. All you need to do is to trust the process and let everything happen like it is happening naturally. In this way, you will be able to have control over yourself.

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