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How to Sing Baritone Better [5 Easy Steps]

    Are you trying to learn how to sing baritone? Are you trying hard to mix up your head and chest voice, so you have a better baritone? Have you ever feel that you are getting the right and perfect bass and voice that is needed for singing the baritone? Do you want to learn the techniques and skills that make you able to sing the way you want to?

    If you have any of these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you complete information about the skills and techniques that are very important for you to sing baritone perfectly. So let us get started.

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    Before starting this article, I am going to show you what is the baritone voice range and how it can be defined. You have to make sure that you read from the start because every single step and information is very important.

    These basics are the things that make you strong as you cannot make a house strong if it does not have a strong foundation. So, building a strong and great foundation is very important for you.

    What are the baritone and its voice range?

    A baritone voice is a low voice range as compared to other voice ranges and it comes between the bass and tenor voice ranges. It is also the type of voice and range that can be extended on both ends and it has many other types as well that vary from person to person.

    Many things are required to build your voice in the baritone voice range and some of the things are right placement, building your middle voice, choosing the right range and boosting it up, taking your chest voice towards your head voice and the placement on the right time and right part of the body.

    What are the techniques for baritone singing?

    The following are the main and essential points that are very important to build yourself up for the baritone singing:

    Improve your placement:

    Most of the baritone singers found themselves in difficulty when it comes to the placement of their frequency and voice range into the specific areas. You have to learn how to place your chest and head voice correctly.

    But, there is an end at the baritone singing which allows you to take your voice seriously and practice your vocals to get a maximum vocal range.

    One of the best ways through which you can do this is by making your placement strong. It is all about controlling your frequency and allowing only the essential and useful vibrations to pass through your vocal cords when you are singing.

    It will allow you to sing with ease and also you can get the high range and vocals as you want if you make your placement strong and in the right place.

    It is very easy for you and all you need to focus on is on the points where you feel difficult to sing and leave them. Catch the points where you are very good at singing and you can generate your vocals and power easily, practice in that place.

    Mastering your middle register:

    The next step is to master and boost up your misled voice. But, what is the middle voice or the middle register? I will show you the best definition and best way through which you will be able to work on your middle voice and generate baritone in your singing.

    So, let me take to a mathematics class that when you add two things, it always gives rise to a new thing that is always greater in the magnitude. The same rule applies here that you have to voices, one is your head voice and the other one is your chest voice.

    When you add both these voices, the third and new voices generate is called a middle voice. There are a bridge and linkage that is connecting these two voices and it is very easy for you to do that.

    All you need to do is to control your vocal fold and vocal weight in a middle range and it will allow you to control your voice in a central region that will give you a long and pure vocal range in which you will never feel any blockage or strain.

    You have to notice that when you are taking too many breaks and gas between your chest voice and head voice, it will become prominent. So, you are required to learn through practice that how can you make a bridge and connection between your chest voice and head voice.

    Boost up your musical flow:

    If you are trying to sing baritone, you should know that it is not easy at all and you are required to have dedication and motivation for this. At this point, you have to work on your delivery speed and music flow. You have to make sure that you have the right diction and the right use of words and tones.

    If you are finding any difficulty in signing the hard consonants, just change them with the soft and low consonants. Let me give you the best example of this, you can change the ‘t’ with the’.

    You have to make this alternation so quick and smooth so that the listeners would not notice what you have done.

    There are many other ways through which you can increase your vocal flow. Start speaking the words with more grip so that not even a single word can lose from your mouth.

    Make a passage between your head voice and chest voice:

    Now, the next step is to make a solid relation and a perfect path between your head voice and chest voice. In this way, you can improve your baritone skills at the best level. If you are a baritone singer, then you have often experienced that your voice sounds like a scratching voice and drifting car.

    This is because you are not using your head voice properly and you are putting a strain on your chest voice by singing the high notes with your chest voice.

    Now, are you thinking that how you can get rid of this scratching and terrible voice? I have a solution for you. All you need to do is to make a connection and solid passageway between your chest voice and head voice.

    When you are singing any high notes, you just have to bring your chest voice upwards towards your head voice. Now, you have taken control of your voice by using your head voice without any strain.

    You can also add a little more effort into this technique by compressing the air that is passing from your vocal cords.

    Make your balance when you are singing:

    The next skill that you have to master up is that you should know how to balance your vocals and different tunes when you are singing and this is the problem that is faced by many baritone singers.

    You have to know which part of the tune and chord you are singing and you are using your right voice part for that singing. You need to learn on which chord you need to go high and hard and which chords are for slow and flat singing.

    Generally, you can use a technique to choose the note and balance for that. You have to sing the notes softer which are above the melody, and on the other hand, you are required to sing the notes that are below the melody a bit higher and louder.

    Just keep in mind that there is an inverse relationship between the voice and note of the melody.

    The other technique that you can use is that you should know which part of the chord you are singing. Let me make it more clear and easier for you. All you need to do is to sing the fifth’s parts and roots of the chord a bit higher and louder than all the other parts of the chords.

    Conclusion: How to sing baritone

    You have read all the points and now it is up to you that you have to make them an essential part of your practice and singing. Just keep the basic and general points in your mind. The baritone is singing that can be made better and better by making your coordination better rather than working on your muscular force.

    Hopefully, you enjoyed this post on how to sing baritone better and more comfortably.

    Once you are done with the right placements, making a connection between the voices and coordinating all the elements of your singing, you will be able to produce the frequency of your choice.

    You have to make a voice that is free from all the strains and pressure and full of confidence and flow. There are many famous rock singers all around the world which have the voice in a high range but they were naturally the baritone singers.

    So, you do not have any limits. Give time to yourself and your voice. I assure you that one day you will be able to get all the special and unique characteristics in your voice.

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