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How to Sing High Notes in Chest Voice [3 Easy Steps]

    Are you trying to learn how to sing high notes in chest voice very easily? Are you trying to be pro at singing high notes because these notes are very important for any singer? Have you ever feel that you are doing good and not pushing your throat and chest to raise your voice?

    If you have any of these questions roaming in your mind, then you are in the right place because today I am going to show you the best way through which you can sing the high notes with your chest voice and you do not have to push and strain your voice because it can make very serious problems with your vocals and chest.

    How to sing high notes in chest voice pin

    If you are trying to sing the high notes and thinking that they should be very powerful and energetic instead of airy and dull, then you have to make some changes about how you sing and you also have to develop some unique tips and techniques.

    The most important thing is that you sing your high notes and upper notes without making any effort, just with your chest voice. You have to develop it and I will clear all the misunderstandings and questions that are coming in your mind regarding this.

    Chest voice or strain?

    Before letting you know all the things and steps, first I am going to show you what is the main difference between singing with your chest voice and singing with putting strain? If you are putting a strain on your chest and throat and pushing it to get on the high notes, you are doing wrong because you are not allowing the proper airflow between the vocal cords.

    On the other hand, if you are singing with your chest voice, then you are doing great because there are proper airflow and natural voice through which you are going on the high notes.

    So you have to change it and you have to work on it. There is a point to ponder that if you are forcing your voice and vocals, you are just straining and pinching your voice. To get rid of this pinch, you are needed to develop some techniques to use your voice and vocals in an improved way.

    How to use your head voice and chest voice?

    If you look and observe the way of many famous singers that they are singing the high notes very well. All they are doing is singing by their head voice. They are taking two styles and voices along with themselves and that is the head voice and chest voice. If you are thinking that what is the role of your head voice? Then I am going to show you what it does.

    Your head voice aids your chest voice not to put any force and strain on the chest and it takes out the vocals and powers of the high notes naturally. You even do not feel that you are going on the high notes because your head voice makes it easy for your body and vocals.

    Now you have to bring your head voice following the chest voice. How to do that? it is very simple and easy because it is just the game of your mind. All you need to do is to think with your mind that you are singing with your head voice and you are not putting any strain on your chest. You can move your chest easily and it is not blocking your voice.

    You have to take your head voice down into your chest voice. Once you are done with this, you will be able to note that you are developing many new qualities in yourself. You just need to practice and experience a blend of your chest voice and your head voice.

    Simply, you do not have to put your chest voice upwards, just you need to take your head voice down because it will help you to sing in an improved way without facing any force, strain, or blockage.

    How to practice your head voice and chest voice?

    Now I am going to give this all a practical and applicable shape. All you need to do is to sing a bit louder. If you are singing on low notes, there is not any need to be louder, but if you are going on the higher notes, you have to be louder and it will be easier for you. When you will be using your head voice to bring down to your chest voice, you will not face any coughing sensation or pinching in your throat.

    The next step is to be patient because some singers can do this just as flipping the coin, and some require a day of practicing to attain and get to know this technique. All you need to practice is that on which moment and point, you need to push up and push down.

    What are some chest voice exercises?

    It has all the same exercises as for any different part of the voice and all you need to do is to exercise with your chest voice. I have some chest voice exercises for you that you can perform with every note and make sure that you are doing them in the right way. You just need to start from a lower note, then middle, and gradually shift yourself to the high note and you will see a remarkable difference in your chest voice and it will be higher than before.

    Exercise 1:

    You are required to do the m note in this. You know the note of your voice and after that, start a little hum on that. You have to do this on a complete breath. Take some rest and do it again and again for the best results and exercise with your nose. It will help you to feel your voice light, pleasant, and fresh when you talk or sing with your chest.

    Exercise 2:

    In this exercise, you are required to do the trill and do not mix up this tune with the lip trill. The trill is the moment between your two voices or the notes and it acts as an interval in which you are moving from one voice to the other one. For example, if you have a female middle voice, so you will be using C3 and B4.

    You will be shifting between these two notes and the point between these two points will be called a trill.

    As a result of this exercise, you will be able to switch between two vocals and notes as quickly as you can and you will not have any pinch or strain as well. All this will be going on naturally and easily. All you need to do is to practice with the light hum note with some ee vowel and oo vowel.

    When you feel that you can do it easily, start doing it with the AH vowel. Make sure that you are keeping the brightness on these all points.

    Exercise 3:

    In this part of the exercise, you are needed to start working and singing with those notes and vocals on which you are working. This is also a self-test for you to make yourself sure about the right vocals and perfect usage of the muscles. You have to move up on the notes when every time you are singing it. If you find anything difficult, just move back and practice with that thing once more.

    The 3 P’s formula:

    It is a formula to achieve the things that you want to achieve. The 3 p’s are patience, persistence, and practice. So, you have to follow all these rules. You are making changes in your vocals and chest so you need to be patient with all the changes that are going on. All you need to know and practice is about switching the notes and getting on the high notes.

    You have to know that when you are going to push up, and you are not making any mistake.

    Conclusion: How to sing high notes in chest voice

    Till now, you read all the things and now it is time for you to bring all these things into practical shape. This is your duty now and you have to take all these steps and things into your practice.

    If you have all these things in your mind, one day you will be able to receive a huge round of applause just because of your singing characteristics. Changing some techniques and ways of singing is all you have to do and this is an easy job for you.

    If you want to get some motivation and encouragement, then you can see yourself singing in a mirror and feel that you are singing in front of a huge crowd. You are winning their hearts and compliments. Yes, it sounds so good. You are capable of doing this and receiving all the things that you are deserving of. So what are you waiting for? It is time for you and you know better how to utilize this time.

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