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How To Sing And Play Piano At The Same Time [6 Easy Steps]

    Ever wondered how to sing and play piano at the same time? Are you trying to be a multitasker and trying to sing and play piano at the same time? If you have these questions in your mind, then you are at the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you some skills and techniques that you can follow to master your multitasking skills and impress everyone around you, with the help of those skills.

    Singing and playing piano at the same time requires time and effort if you want to master this. Your voice is also an instrument, so you will be practicing playing two instruments simultaneously and perfectly, and also you have to match these both instruments.

    It is very common and easy that a person to lose concentration and focus on one thing and it goes off track. If you are focusing on your voice, then it will be hard for the fingers to play the piano correctly and if you are focusing on the keys of a piano, then your voice will not be matching with what you are playing.

    So, you need to give proper time to this technique. I have got some skills and tips for you and you will be able to get rid of loss of concentration and other problems in playing piano along with singing.

    How to sing and play piano at the same time pin

    The most important things that you need to focus on are the following:

    • You have to sing in a correct and suitable pitch.
    • You have to make sure that you are maintaining key and singing rhythm.
    • You need to assign the correct word or syllable to each note on the piano.
    • You have to make sure that the timing of the song and rhythm are synchronized with each other.

    Important skills and techniques:

    The following are some important techniques and skills that you can perform to sing and play piano simultaneously. This may sound like a difficult and impossible task to you, but with the right approach and hard work, you can master it very well.

    Start with a correct posture:

    correct posture

    When you are practicing any type of singing, the most basic and important key to success is correct posture. It means that you should have good breathing, and as a result, you will be able to produce a better sound.

    Correct posture does not mean that you have to sing standing or sitting, just you need to make sure that your spine is flexible. You may be tempted to bend towards the piano when you are playing it, but when you are straight, you will also look better and more professional, and it will also enhance your breathing and vocal technique.

    Position your mic:

    If you are thinking that while playing piano, how can you sit straight, then this is a solution for you that you have to adjust your mic as it will affect your posture and your breathing technique. Make sure that the mic is not too away so that you need to lean forward. Place your mic at the correct height, and it will help you to straighten your spine.

    Sing and play, separately at first:

    When you are practicing or preparing, you have to focus on one specific skill at one time. It will allow you to master each specific skill and when you are singing and playing together afterward, it will be synchronized automatically.

    You can start with singing a Cappella and after that, you can sing it with a pre-recorded piano track or background music.

    Then, you can play some chords on your piano, while your focus should be on singing. After that, you need to shift the focus towards the piano and sing quietly so you can hear what you are playing. You have to play the piano until you feel that you are very comfortable playing the keys. The last part is to combine both techniques after mastering each technique.

    Draw power from the lower body:

    You should not be tightening your shoulders or neck to gain or force the singing power from them. Because, in this way, you will be forcing the voice. All you need to do is to center your control and energy on your pelvic floor.

    This will help you to sing with proper breathing technique and open throat technique, no matter if you are sitting or standing. If you are sitting, there is one important tip for you. Make sure that you are sitting on edge of your seat and press yourself down against it.

    When you are standing, the tip for you that make sure that your legs should be shoulder-width apart, because you are required to draw power from your feet.

    Play with light fingers:

    light fingers

    You have to play with the light fingers and it will help you to reduce the tension and you will not be throwing yourself off.

    You have to make sure that you are keeping your fingers touching the piano keys very soft and your wrists should be flexible, so they can move easily over the piano keys. It will help you to make your whole body open and flexible.

    Practice regular:


    This all practice needs your consistency so you have to practice it as much as you can. You should do this practice for a half-hour every day.

    Also, if you want to have a track of your progress, you need to record yourself and you will be able to know that you are making progress over time. In a month or so, you will be able to see an improvement in the skill.

    Conclusion: How to sing and play piano at the same time?

    You have read all the important points and techniques for this skill. All you need to do is to be motivated and dedicated to the change and adoption of this skill. One day, you will be playing piano and singing very easily and in a synchronized manner. Make sure that you are not hurting your voice in any way.

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