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How To Sing Less Breathy [Fix Heavy Breathing]

    Do you wanna learn how to sing less breathy? Have you ever thought about why your voice of singing is breathing? Are you trying to get rid of the strain and tension in your chest and throat when you are trying to sing?

    If you have these questions in your mind and you are looking for the solutions and answers for these questions, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you one of the best ways and skills that you can adopt to give your best in the singing career.

    The very first thing that you have to keep in your mind that when you are having a breathy voice, it means that your vocal folds are not responding and changing the same way as you are singing and making them move.

    It will not be a problem for you if you are recording any song because there are many equalizers and audio mixers that can edit your voice. But, when it comes to singing in front of the audience, then the breathy voice may sound uncomfortable.

    The medical reason for the breathy singing voice that the shape of the vocal folds becomes in the way that a great amount of air escapes through them, which gives a breathy voice. Let me explain to you the steps to fix the breathy voice. So, let’s get started!

    How to sing less breathy

    Fix the breathy voice:

    The following are some steps and exercises that can help you to fix the breathy voice and you can give your best in the field of singing.

    Make your vocal cords together:

    In the first step, all you need to do is to take your vocal cords together more firmly. If you are thinking that how you can do it, let me show you. The following are some steps to take your vocal cords together:

    You have to use an open vowel such as “ae” like in apple.

    You have to say “ae, ae, ae” with a strong glottal stop. This step will help you to note that your vocal cords are coming towards each other.

    Now, you have to say “aaaaaaaeeeeeeeee”, just like a long-phrase, without taking any break and rest between it.

    You have to sing it in a 5 tone staccato the same way. Males have to start it on the D3 and females should start on the F#3, but in a lower voice. Also, keep in mind that the sound of the vowel “ae” that you are using should not sound and change into “eh” like in NED. You can also lean to the edge of the vowel “ae” and sound like this.

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    Do not let the air escape the cords:

    It is the next step that is similar to the first step, but in this step, you have to act physically and do not let the vocal cords relax too much. If you allow them to relax, the air will be escaped from them. So, all you need to do is to keep the cords firmly together and prevent the loss of air from the cords.

    If your cords will be adducted, it will allow you to produce a strong chest voice mixed with the head voice. You have to keep continuous adduction so that your voice will be a mixture of head voice and chest voice permanently.

    his will also help you to have a stronger voice and your tone and range will be powerful because your vocal cords will be controlling and balancing the air between the lungs.

    The usage of the vocal fry:

    This exercise will help you to prevent the escape of the air from your vocal folds and give you a smooth and beautiful voice that will not be breathy anymore. For the vocal fry, all you need to do is to mimic the almost growl sound. Have you ever seen the ghost in any movie? You have to do the same as him. For example, the ghost in “The Grudge”.

    This exercise will make sure the smooth and comfortable flow of air within your vocal folds. Make sure that if it feels pressed and forced to your chest, vocal cords, and throat, you have to leave it in the first place. Go to the beginning of the step and start doing this exercise again but slowly. Once you are done with creating this type of sound, the next step will be taking this sound into your singing.

    Let me give you an example here that how you should do it with your singing. Read the following points:

    • If you are using the “ah” vowel sound, then you should start with the vocal fry and start the airflow.
    • You have to go into the first “ah” sound straight. It will help you to remove all the breathiness and unevenness in your sound.

    Maintain vocal health:

    The last and the most important part of this article is that you have to make sure that you are not dealing with any kind of medical, emotional, and physical issue that is affecting your vocal health. These can be vocal nodules, calluses, and polyps. There can be chronic inflammation in any part of your organ that can be called reflux.

    There can be many types of vocal paralysis and paresis in which the vocal folds cannot come to the center. In this case, there remains a little gap between them and that gap cannot be treated with the help of any exercise or training but you need to seek medical assistance or any expert that can help you. Before starting any vocal training, you have to make sure that you are free from every type of issue that can be unhealthy for you. The little gaps can be cured with the help of training but any chronic issue or disorder should be treated by any professional.

    Conclusion: How to sing less breathy?

    You have read all the points, and now you have to take care of your voice while doing the exercises and training. You have to be patient and calm with the change because it takes time to improve. Start working now and achieve all your dreams.

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