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How To Not Run Out Of Breath When Singing

    Did you ever have problems running out of breath when singing? Do you wanna learn how to not run out of breath when singing? Have you ever felt running out of breath when you are singing?

    If you have these questions in your mind and you are looking for the best solution, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you all the skills, techniques, and common mistakes that you can avoid. Running out of breath can be very unhealthy and uncomfortable when you are singing any long-phrase and you cannot sing it.

    This problem is not associated with the phrase or the way you are singing that phrase, but it is associated with breath control.

    So, you should work on that. To test yourself that if you are running out of breath or not, you should focus on yourself when you sing. If you feel the breath issue in any part of your body and the phrase, start working on it. Let me show you the main and important steps that you can do to prevent this issue.

    How to not run out of breath when singing

    Why you are running out of breath while singing?

    First of all, you must know how this process works and what are the barriers that you are facing and causing the running the breath out. In the process of normal speech, the vocal fold continuously vibrates and it produces the sound.

    Here comes the role for the closer muscles that they bring your vocal folds together. When you are exhaling, the opener muscles take your vocal folds apart from each other and air passes from the lungs. You have to keep in your mind that this process is great for the speaking process but terrible and unhealthy for the singing.

    Some of the singers sing like they are whispering and their vocal folds close enough that the air passes between them and they produce the sound, but they cannot stop the additional air to leak out.

    In this way, their sound seems very breathy and they cause the running out of breath. If they want more sound, they start pushing the excessive amount of air and most of the air leaks out. Due to this, they run out of breath.

    Here, you have to work on the following two main things:

    1. You should work on getting the correct proportion of the air.
    2. You should work on using the air correctly.

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    Use your chest voice:

    The second main reason and mistake that most of the singers are doing is the lack of the usage of the chest voice in singing. If you want to feel the chest voice, then just say a word like “AH” and put your hand on your chest.

    You will feel a vibration, and yes! That will be your chest voice. If you are not singing with your chest voice, your voice will be breathy and short because of the lack of vocal fold engagement. In this way, your vocal folds will not be able to resist the air properly and this will result in the pushing out the extra air and which will cause the strain and blockage of the vocal folds.

    The solution:

    Now, coming to the main part of the article, that is the solution and what should you do to prevent yourself from every type of shortage of breath. The following things you should consider when you are trying to sing any phrase:

    Proper flow of air:

    The first thing that you have to make sure that you are inhaling the proper and enough amount of air with a low and satisfying breath.

    If you are taking a high breath and filling your lungs by raising your chest and shoulders, then you should leave it in the first place because it will not help you to take proper air. It will also cause your ribcage to collapse when you start singing.

    Creaky door sound:

    In the next case, when you have taken in enough air but you still are running out of breath, then there is a very good exercise that can help you to prevent any issue. All you have to do is to humming with a creaky door sound.

    This exercise will help you to vibrate your vocal folds with a minimum amount of air. You will also feel the sense of vibration on your lips while practicing this. if you are not feeling this vibration on the lips, make sure that you are singing an M sound instead of NG, and you are singing with the chest voice.

    Use of the crying voice:

    There is another way to treat the breathiness with the help of the “Cry” sound. All you have to do is to sing with the sound of crying or sobbing.

    It will sound very odd to you at the start, but once you get used to it, you will be able to sing with a clearer, smooth, and less breathy voice. It will help you to use your inner muscles in your vocal folds, and these will vibrate without any releasing air.

    Vocal health:

    If all the above-mentioned points could not help you much and you are still facing the issues when you are trying to sing, then there can be many more issues that can be medically, emotionally, etc.

    There should be a perfect health condition when you are going to sing. Many singers have suffered from many diseases like nodules, polyps, allergy, acid reflux, and excessive throat clearing. These people cannot be able to produce enough amount of air, so there will be no vocal fold vibration. In this case, before doing anything, you must consult a doctor and go for a detailed treatment.

    Conclusion: How to not run out of breath when singing?

    You have read all the important and main points and now you have to make them practical. You need to maintain your vocal health and prevent any unhealthy action that can affect your health. Be calm and patient with the change because once you are done with all the training, you will have all the skills, then you will be able to achieve your goals.

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