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How To Sing Less Nasally [Quick & Easy Method]

    Do you wanna learn how to sing less nasally? Are you trying to avoid nasal singing? If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you all the steps through which you will be able to get rid of nasal singing and fully concentrate on producing a perfect sound.

    Nasal singing is suitable for only some type of music and sounds, but singing nasally in every music and sound is not good for the singers because it does not suit well. It is the sound that is created by the soft palate that is on the roof of the mouth is lowered, and the air escapes through the nasal cavity. It is a blockage in the sound because the air does not get a proper surface area to escape.

    With the help of some tricks and steps, you can get rid of the nasal singing.

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    Step 1: Lift your soft palate:

    The following are some tricks and steps then you can try to get rid of nasal singing:

    Identify your soft palate:

    The best way to identify your soft palate is with the help of the tongue. Touch your tongue on the roof of the mouth there will be a hard palate and soft palate. First, you will feel a hard palate and it will be in its place, making up the roof of the mouth.

    Behind the hard palate, there will be a moveable, softer, and fleshier area. It moves up and down, and stretches up when you say, sing, eat, yawn, etc. it will be your soft palate.

    Practice lifting your soft palate:

    You can imagine that there is a ping-pong ball in your mouth and you have to lift your soft palate. Also, you can perform a half yawn and, in this way, you will stretch and move your soft palate up. You can also inhale a soft K sound and it will lift your soft palate naturally.

    Practice talking by raising your soft palate:

    All you need to do is to talk with anyone while having your soft palate lifted. At the start, it will sound silly but as you practice, you will be able to lift the soft palate the way you want.

    Practice singing by raising your soft palate:

    Once you get to know how to speak after lifting the soft palate, the next step is to sing with the same lifted palate. It will give you a richer tone because air will have more surface area. You have to note down the difference between singing with an old voice and a new voice with a soft palate lifted.

    Step 2: Practicing the Vocal techniques:

    Here are some vocal techniques that you can perform to master your singing and avoid singing nasally:

    Good breath support:

    You have to take deep breaths from your diaphragm because singing nasally is due to lack of breathing support and make sure that you are not raising your shoulders while breathing. You have to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth in this practice.

    Warming up:


    Every practice requires a warming-up session and this can be followed by lip trills, hum, and singing scales. These exercises will help you to regulate the airflow which will prevent you from having nasal singing.

    Replacing the lyrics:

    If you replace the lyrics of the song with ‘’gah’’, it will help you get rid of the nasal sound as the sound ‘g’ will move your voice downwards and it always takes your sound away from your nose.

    The ‘’ah’’ part will drop your mouth and jaw, increasing the depth of your sound. You have to make sure that your jaw is relaxed in this. Once you have practiced with the ‘’gah’’ sound, try to sing the original lyrics of the song.

    Plugging the nose while singing:

    If you are avoiding singing with your nose, you can plug your nose while singing because it will block the nasal passage, and you will be able to sing with your mouth.

    Changing the expression:

    If you adopt a pleasant expression while you are singing, it will open your throat which will prevent nasal singing. You can lift your cheeks, which you will be lifting your zygomatic muscles.

    Hiring a coach:

    You can also take help from a voice teacher in preventing nasal singing. The teacher will be able to let you know more and easy techniques that suit your style and skill set.

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    Conclusion: How to sing less nasally

    You have read all the important techniques, now it is the time to master yourself by just doing small things. Make sure that you are hydrated when you are doing vocal practices. Once you are good with all the practices, no one will stop you from achieving your dream.

    Hopefully, this article on how to sing less nasally was very helpful to you!

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