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How to Sing Harmony [7 Things You Need To KNOW]

    How to sing harmony? Are you finding any difficulty in singing the harmonies? Do you want to sing with your fellows in a better way?

    If you’re trying to create harmony with other human voices, then you are in the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you some best ways and tips through which you can sing with harmony, sing like a pro, and you can sing a melody in a tone.

    You will make sure that you are telling your ears to listen to your singing in harmony. If you’re trying to sing in harmony, first of all, you have to make sure that you are singing in a tone.

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    So you need to know that what is harmony? When more than one singer is singing the same song, but they all have different pitches and tunes this is called harmony. It is important to put harmony in your singing characteristics because at any point in your life, you have to sing along with others, and you have to give your best in order not to sound bad.

    So, if you ever feel you want to sing in a group, in a theatre, and you are a fan of execution in a piece of music, then focus on this article.

    Steps to sing harmony:

    The following are the main steps that are very important if you want to learn how to sing harmony. You have to focus on all the points and practice them daily in your sessions.

    Singing with the harmony that you love:

    The very first step is to sing along with the harmonies that are already present in your devices or your recordings. You have to focus on the tune, range, and timbre of the singer who is singing the song.

    If you are singing the melody and harmony with your same level of voice, then focus on hearing the highest and the lowest voice. It also depends on whether the harmony is below or above the melody.

    You have to practice it daily, and once you are done with this practice, then you have to make your own. You have to make harmony with all the songs and vocals you’re listening to.

    You can do this practice in your car while you are driving, you can play the song or any harmony and sing along. In this way, you will be singing your favorite songs with your favorite artists.

    Joining the choirs:

    The next step helps you to build confidence as well as harmony in your voice. When you go to your school, you see many students singing songs in harmony.

    So the best way to bring out the best voice, that is inside you is by joining any choir. It will help you to improve your ear harmony, and you will be able to listen in a better way also you will be able to improve your harmony.

    Singing with a group or a choir is a great way to learn harmony because many other singers can help you because they have a better ear. So, once you’re done with your ear harmony, you will be independent and not leaning on any of the singers.

    Learning the basics of the music theory:

    As the basics of everything are very important. The same is the case with the music that you do not need to learn each aspect of the music. If you want to become a great singer but, you have to learn the basic theory, and that will help you to create harmony and melody in your voice.

    It will help you to understand the concepts and intervals of the music. It would also help you to understand what the role the music is playing in your life. If you are developing singer, then learning how to identify intervals and learning how to train your ear to listen to the harmony is a very crucial step.

    So harmony singing is very different from the simple type of singing because it all depends on the intervals. It is just a game of intervals that how well you present them.

    Some of the singers are born with the qualities of a better harmony ear, but most of the singers have to train their ears to listen to harmony in a better way. Learning the basic things of the music theory is very important because it will make you a versatile singer.

    Practice harmonic ear with the chords:

    In practicing the harmony ear, there are many exercises that you can perform. You have to grab your guitar or your piano and play a chord of your choice. You have to try picking out each tune from the chord.

    You have to start from some basic things and add some major triads such as root position and inversions in the chords. You have to start singing in the lowest voice first. Gradually, you have to move towards the highest note.

    After you are done with the lowest and the highest note, try picking up the middle one because it is the hardest.

    You have to shift yourself from chord to chord, and you have to make sure that you are singing different chord each time. For example, you have to play a C major chord, and you have to try singing the middle note. On the G major chord, try singing that top note. For the root, you can play the E major chord.

    Major and minor intervals:

    Before starting learning about the intervals, you have to know that what are intervals. It is the distance between the two notes present between a musical scale, and it always includes major and minor versions.

    The following is a list of some intervals that you have to use in your practice, and you also need to know that the distance between the first and the end tune on a major scale is what we call an octave. Some of the major scales including the major intervals are as follows:

    • Major second.
    • Major third.
    • Perfect fourth.
    • Perfect fifth.
    • Major sixth.
    • Major seventh.
    • Perfect eighth.

    Some of the minor scales including minor intervals are as follows:

    • Minor second.
    • Minor third.
    • Minor sixth.
    • Minor seventh.

    Many songs include all these major and minor intervals in the melody. You have to understand and learn all these intervals if you want to recognize them and use them in all the songs when you are singing in the group.

    Improving the timings:

    You cannot forget the importance of timings in harmony singing because in this, many singers are singing the same song or the same melody at the same time and, it is important to have a proper synchronization between them.

    Now, if you are thinking that how you can do that? It is simple. Just make some clues in the melody and try to pick these clues when you are singing.

    Once you’re done with finding the clues in your song, you will be able to improve your timings. One of the best ways to develop some clues in your songs is by listening to the rhythm section of your song in which you can listen to the drums or percussions.

    These two things are very important because they give a structure and frame to a song, and it is very easy to follow them. If you can mark a snare or something like this, it will be better.

    Practice, practice, and practice:

    Practice makes a man perfect. You all hear that in every phase of your life. Why do you not apply this in your life? Many singers are born with some special characteristics that they can pick every pitch very easily.

    But most of the singers have to work hard because you have to improve a lot. You have to practice again and again because this process has many components which include self-assessment, motivation, dedication, and reflection.

    Learning how to sing in harmony is very easy for you and has to start from a simple song and then push yourself to something extraordinary.

    You have to make sure that you are starting with simple songs because, in this way, it will help you to understand the process and identification of each melody in a better way. Once you are done with these basic concepts, you can then apply these concepts in complex songs.

    You also have to keep in mind that singing with harmony is a continuous process. You should have the motivation, and you should encourage yourself to accept all the changes.

    It is not something that you can learn overnight. If you have the passion and dedication and you can easily push yourself to the changes, then it just for you.

    Conclusion: How to sing harmony?

    You have read all the points, and you have to make sure that you are using these points when you are in your singing sessions. Just imagine yourself on a stage and rocking the stage with the extraordinary characteristic of your voice.

    Yes, it always feels so good. You have the best instrument in the form of your voice. Use it perfectly and keep polishing it.

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