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How To Not Strain Your Voice When Singing [8 Simple Ways]
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How To Not Strain Your Voice When Singing [8 Simple Ways]

    Are you trying to learn how to not strain your voice when singing? Have you ever thought about what will be your voice if it gets rid of every type of strain and stress?

    If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you some of the best ways through which you will be able to train your voice, increase the range of your voice, answer all the questions that are in your mind and solve all the problems that are causing the strain in your voice.

    Having a strain when you are singing is very common and it happens to almost every singer. You can easily get rid of all these types of problems, just you need to work on some skills and techniques.

    If you have the following signs and problems in your singing, then there are chances that you are facing the vocal strain issue:

    • You will not be able to adjust your pitch and tone of your voice.
    • You will get a deeper tone.
    • You sound achy or raw.
    • You can experience problems in breathing.
    • You are not able to control the resonance and volume of your voice.

    These problems can be cured with the help of the following points but first of all, you need to know that what are the main things that are causing the vocal strain.

    How To Not Strain Your Voice When Singing

    What are the causes of vocal strain?

    Vocal strain also known as Chronic laryngitis can be a result of many reasons, and the reason why it is mostly experienced by singers and cheerleaders is because of the overuse of the voice which tends to restrict your vocal cords.

    Other reasons that can cause this include smoking, alcohol intake, and various medical problems like chronic sinusitis, acid reflux, etc. Also living in polluted environments can cause such problems and to avoid that, a singer must live in clean environments so they inhale pure air to keep the voice clear.

    So, the question as to how to avoid this vocal strain will be answered in the points below.

    Take Steam:

    Steam (water vapor) is commonly used to battle flu, sore throat, and such problems, but the lesser-known fact is that taking steam is also one of the measures to prevent as well as cure vocal strains and blockage of the throat.

    How to make steam:

    It is not as complex as it sounds. Just warm some water in a pan to the boiling point/unless the water starts vaporizing.

    Then just inhale the steam through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Add Azadirachta indica leaves for better results, as it is a blockage combating agent. You can use a steamer instead too.

    Drink lots of fluids

    Fluids do not mean that the intake of drinks like alcohol, caffeinated beverages, fizzy drinks, etc. is being encouraged.

    Have fresh juices and room temperature water and make sure to avoid cold beverages to keep the vocals open and moistened.

    Practice voice exercises

    Just like exercise is essential to your body, it is to your throat as well to keep it unrestricted and clear at all times, especially for individuals whose professions relate to voice, such as singers, theatre performers, etc.

    You can try the Voice-sirens exercise, yawn-sigh technique, etc. You will notice a considerable difference in your voice after practicing these.

    Try to stay in a clean environment

    As mentioned earlier, the air you breathe plays a great role in maintaining the health of your vocal cords. Getting exposed to polluted environments for longer periods can cause breathing problems that impact your vocal cords.

    The polluted air contains carcinogens (such as Asbestos, Azathioprine), pollutants, chemicals, and allergens which are not only bad for your vocal health but your general health also. Hence, you should make sure to wear a mask when getting exposed to any such environments and try to stay in clean air for the most part.

    Avoid actions that are bad for your throat

    The throat is the powerhouse for a singer and is his biggest asset, therefore saving it is crucial for an artist. As obvious, smoking and excessive alcohol intake can be damaging to your throat and vocals, hence avoiding them is in the best interest of the individuals who wish to pursue singing as it helps prevent any sort of vocal strains.

    Maintain your posture

    A bad posture can block breathing channels which in turn leads to a blockage of the vocal cords which results in a voice strain, due to the tightness of the throat channel. Therefore, maintaining postures that enable good airflow is important.

    Avoid speaking too loudly

    Speaking in a loud voice can damage your vocal cords permanently and that causes a strain in the voice when you speak or sing. It is thus best to speak in an optimum voice to maintain the best health of your vocal cords.

    Warm-up your voice before you sing

    A lot of times, voice strains due to muscle tension and to combat that, warm-up exercises are essential. If you sing without performing any warm-up exercises, your voice will end up being strained and hoarse. These exercises will enable a smooth voice due to a clear airflow.

    Conclusion: How to not strain your voice when singing

    What we can conclude in the light of the above-stated tips is that the root cause of a strained voice is the health of your vocal cords which can be maintained by avoiding all sorts of pollution, preventing drinking and smoking, taking regular steps to keep your throat moistened, speaking in an optimum voice, indulging in warm-up exercises and all the other mentioned tips.

    However, a strained voice can be a result of genetic or chronic problems for which a healthcare practitioner must be consulted. Also, keep in mind that this process takes time that can be prolonged to months and years. So, you have to be calm and patient with the changes. Happy Singing to all the singers!

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