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How to Sing with Distortion [7 Easy Steps]

    In this article, you gonna learn how to sing with distortion, but first things first, what is distortion in the first place? Distortion is an interruption caused in the vocal tract which leads to irregular vibrations, or in fancier terms: grit.

    Distortion can fall under the remit of several emotions ranging from sadness to aggression to devotion. The word Distortion generally has a negative connotation to it, but when it comes to the field of singing, it is considered positive as it is essential to enable singing at a few specific notes.

    It helps in giving melody and pitch to the voice. Different singers use different methods to cause this interruption in the vocal cords. Some use false vocal flaps while some use throat blockers.

    Each method can impact the quality and intensity of the distortion created. Different methods suit different people as it is a subjective experience.

    How to sing with distortion

    So, today I am going to show you some of the best ways through which you will be able to know how you can sing every note and song with distortion. Let us get started.

    Tips and tricks:

    Some of the tips are as follows:

    Use the Open-throat technique:

    One of the major steps to enable distortion is to keep your throat open at all times as this will enable an increased pharyngeal space and the vocal folds are retracted so that the resonating space in the vocal tract is increased. This will prevent any pinching or squeezing effects of the glottis.

     Prevent any strains on your abdominal region:

    It is generally a thing that the abdominal region plays a major role in how you sound. The biggest example of this is the dramatics workshops in which the artists are given tips on how to speak louder and the most popular exercise is the one that enables them to speak from their abdomen as it is linked to the diaphragm. Powerful abdominal support is essential as it will cause the chest, neck, shoulders, etc to relax and hence cause a perfect grit.

    Keep your voice box hydrated:

    Well, it is just another one of those cliché examples. But it is just as if not most essential as all the other steps.

    It is quite obvious that to enable a gritty voice, having a clear throat would be mandatory, and to achieve this, drink lots of room temperature (neither cold nor hot) water at the expense of all the cold and carbonated beverages as they can cause cracks in the vocal folds and impact the voice flow negatively.

    This, alongside herbal teas, will make sure that diversity is created in the distorted tones that you want to achieve.

    Manage the air wisely:

    It would be lethal for you to over-use air and inhale too much of it into your vocal cords as this will cause drying in the cords and cause cracks, as mentioned earlier.

    Hence, the optimal amounts of air should enter the cords to make sure that the cords remain perfectly smooth and no hoarseness occurs in the voice.

    A major remedy that singers use to overcome this problem is to hold their breath to achieve optimal airflow. It is a tricky but not an impossible job to perform.

    Recognize the degree of grit you want:

    Distortion is generally considered a dangerous and harmful technique but once you recognize what degree of compression (distortion) you want to achieve reduces any dangers attached to it as you will make sure to follow a path.

    Some artists want to achieve that Smokey texture, some want to achieve a heavy voice and some want to achieve a pitchy voice depending on the genres of the songs they are going for.

    For example, an opera singer would want to achieve a heavy compression whereas a pop singer would want to achieve that pitchy yet Smokey voice.

    Moisturize your cords:

    As cited earlier, it is essential to keep your cords moisturized. Without this lubrication, stiffness will occur in the cords and will lead to a cracked voice. To enable good flexibility and moisture in the cords, several exercises are practiced with a clean tone, i.e. without distortion.

    Practice religiously:

    Mastering distortion is not an easy task but as they say, practice makes a man perfect. The same is the case here. Your voice will sound odd to you initially but once you practice and it starts to go with your notes, it will sound just as you desired it to.

    Conclusion: How to sing with distortion

    Although distortion is considered a difficult as well as risky task, if you keep on following all the precautions, steps, and remedies mentioned above, a perfectly distorted voice for you is guaranteed.

    It can be counted as a pretty precarious job for your cords, but it is as essential to an artist, as any other step and all the risks are foregone once you master the art of distortion.

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