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How To Sing Whistle Notes []

    Ever wondered how to sing whistle notes? Have you ever seen famous singers rocking the stage and singing the whistle register? Are you trying to hit that notes?

    If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you one of the best ways through which you will be able to sing the whistle notes and can step into this register very easily and smoothly.

    The whistle register is the highest register that is in the voice. Have you ever heard Ariana Grande? Have you ever thought that what register she is using? Yes, she is using the whistle register.

    This register is very hard to understand as it is the least understand register because you cannot film it physically. This register contains high pitch, a squeaky sound that is bird-like, including the upper range and adding half of an octave. If you are thinking to learn it, then you must know that it will be a new repertoire for you.

    How to sing whistle notes

    Ways to learn to sing whistle notes:

    Now, coming to the main part of the article that what are the ways to learn this register. The following are some skills and exercises that you have to do in your singing practice sessions.

    Speaking in whistle register:

    The basics of any register are very important so that if you are trying to learn a new register, you should know that speaking in it before is very important because you cannot directly sing in it.

    All you have to do is to start whistling with your mouth because when it opens, it makes a shape, and using that shape of the mouth, you have to create different sounds and pitches. Like all the other registers, this register also uses the vocal cords to produce the sound.

    Listening to the singers using whistle register:

    The best way to learn the register is by listening to it from the experts because you have to show your ear what you want to sing. You have to mimic the expert singers singing the register. For example, Minnie Riperton and Mariah Carey are the best singers using the whistle register in the best way.

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    Practicing the yawn sighs:

    Now coming to the exercising part of the practice. This is a simple vocal exercise and all you need to do is to explore the new register and then do the yawn sighs. You have to gently slur on the very top of the whistle register and coming towards the bottom in a sing-song fashion.

    There is also another way that you can do is an exaggerated and voiced sigh.

    Using the sirens:

    Here is another exercise for that in which you will be creating the sound of a siren by going high and low. You have to make sure that you are doing this completely in the whistle register. You will find it very easy to go back and forth and moving from top to bottom of the register.

    It will help you to have a balance and control on your vocal register without even hurting them. You have to stop right at the moment where you feel that you are hurting yourself.

    Looking for qualities of whistle register:

    Now, in this step, you have to start doing all the steps that are mentioned above together. You have to start with the siren or the yawn sigh and then stop.

    Then, hold the note and add some volume to your sound. Start singing now and try to stop yourself on different pitches while holding out the note. Make sure that your sound is small, focused, bright, piercing, and squeaky.

    In the whistle register, you will feel the register with a swallowing feeling because the epiglottis is covering the vocal cords in this register. You may also feel like others that the sound is coming from the top of your head.

    Drill slurs:

    In drill slurs, you have to connect all the notes because it will give you more control when you are singing in the vocal register. You will find it very easy when you are singing the scales.

    You can do simple slurs like two-note, or five-note slurs up or down, these both will work. You have to do practice regularly and be patient with the pitch because it takes time as you are developing the new part of your voice.

    Keeping the practice sessions short:

    You have to make sure that your practice sessions are short when you are into the whistle register. Long practice sessions can put a strain on your voice and can hurt your vocal cords. Just make sure that you are taking proper breaks between the sessions.

    Conclusion: How to sing whistle notes?

    Here is the complete description in front of you that how you can sing the vocal register. So, you have to work on them and be patient with the change. It is also very important for you to take care of your voice. Keeping moving and achieving your goals.

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