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How To Sing And Play Guitar [9 Helpful Tips]

    Do you want to learn how to sing and play guitar at the same time? Do you want to add a versatile nature to your singing? Are you one of the people who have difficulty in singing and have a fingers-on guitar at the same time?

    If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because, in this article, I am going to show you the best ways and tips through which you will be able to play guitar and sing a song at the same time and like a pro!

    You have to keep in your mind that learning guitar is consistent hard work that takes time and dedication. If you want to make the performance for the audience more engaging, then you must try to play guitar with the songs because it will help you to have a complete hold of the stage. It involves everyone in the audience.

    How to sing and play guitar pin

    Tips and tricks to singing and playing guitar:

    The following are some tips and tricks that can help you to master your technique to play guitar and sing as well:

    Starting with a simple song:

    You have to forget if you are a master and pro guitarist, but you need to start with a simple song because it is very important. You need to build the ability to multi-task here because many people are pro guitarists but they cannot play when they are singing.

    You need to choose a simple song that has three or four chords in total. So, you can play guitar easily with that song.

    Working the guitar part into the muscle memory:

    In this step, you need to play the guitar part again and again for the song you are learning. You do not need to sing the song in this step. You have to play the song from start to end again and again until it gets ingrained in your muscle memory. You should be playing the guitar part without any problem, even when you are not fully engaged with what you are playing.

    You can also practice by playing guitar while you are talking with someone or when you are watching the tv. Make sure that you are letting the guitar playing enter your subconsciousness.

    Using a metronome:


    A metronome will help you with a constant beat that helps you to keep in time with the song that you are playing. As a beginner, when you start playing guitar and singing simultaneously, the first issue that arises is your beat. If you are keeping a metronome, it will let you know when you are out of the time. So, you will be able to correct it immediately.

    Another way to keep up with the time of the song is by tapping your foot to the beat of the song you are playing. You need to do practice until your foot acts as a metronome and will ensure always that you are on time.

    Practice by counting the beat:

    Once you are good and easy playing metronome, then you need to count the beats aloud while you are playing the song on guitar.

    You don’t have to follow the vocal melody, but you need to work on your brain, so it gets used to saying the words when you are playing guitar along with the song. You can try this exercise with and without the use of a metronome. You can take help from anyone else when you are singing without using a metronome and ask them if you are staying in time with the beat or not. You can also record yourself and listen to yourself if you are not comfortable with someone else listening to you.

    Try to hum a vocal melody:

    You can also hum the vocal melody while playing guitar, it will make you easy and comfortable with this process. Your focus should be on what you are humming instead of what you are playing on the guitar. In this process, you have just to go through the song from start to end.

    Learn the lyrics of the song:

    You should be able to remember the song lyrics before you sing the song and play the guitar simultaneously. During your practice, this step will help you to focus on singing the melody and keeping up with the beat. You can also play the song in your car and sing the song while you are traveling.

    Replacing the humming:

    Now, you have to replace the humming with singing. At this point, you should be able to learn the song lyrics and know the melody of the song you are singing. Try to replace the humming with the actual lyrics of the song and if you still find it difficult, then play just one chord of the song and just sing the lyrics to go through with the chord. Repeat this step with every chord.

    Change the key:

    If you find it difficult to hit the song’s notes, try to change the key of the guitar to get synchronized with your voice. You can also move the chords up a fret or two. You can also replace a piece with a higher or lower pitch. You need to sing and play guitar until a key suit your voice. You can also use a capo, as it will keep the same fingering as the original.

    Practice makes a man perfect:

    The most important part of this process is practice. After enough practice, you will be very comfortable catching all the songs while playing guitar. You have to practice until the muscle memory develops in your fingers and your brain can sing the songs.

    Once you are good with a few songs, try to learn as many songs as you can. If you wanna improve your singing voice in just a week, click here.

    Conclusion: How to sing and play guitar

    You have read all the important points and steps. Now, is the time that you to do hard work and add this special ability and talent to your singing career. Take care of your voice and if you think you are harming your voice, then take help from any professional coach.

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