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How to NOT Sing Through Your Nose [9 Simple Ways]

    A crucial problem for singers is to make sure that they don’t sing from their noses, that’s why this post on How to not sing through your nose will be helpful to you.

    While it can be argued that nasal singing is essential and appropriate for some singing styles, but if talking generally, it’s considered a menace to the art of singing.

    Some people do not voluntarily speak or sing from their nose, it’s in their genes, while in other cases, it usually happens when air is allowed a passage through the nasal cavity. To prevent this, one needs to just make sure that the soft palate on the roof of the mouth is not lowered, as that will prevent any passage of air through the nasal cavity.

    Now the question of how to achieve this must-have arisen in your mind. Well, the simple answer to that is that instead of spending thousands of dollars to learn this professionally you can follow a few very beginner steps to overcome this problem.

    How to not sing through your nose

    Lift your soft palette:

    Now to lift your soft palate, you firstly need to know what exactly is the soft palette and where is it located in your mouth.

    There are two types of palettes; soft and hard. The hard palette is the tough, bone-like structure just above your tongue whereas the soft palate is the fleshy part located just behind this hard palette.

    The soft palette does not remain intact like the hard palette and is the one that moves whenever you speak or yawn etc. So to raise your soft palette, practice these few mentioned steps religiously.

    Talk with your soft palette raised more often:

    To do this you need to talk to yourself or read things out loud (as silly as that may sound). Raise your soft palette and speak aloud, this will make you used to talk/singing with your soft palette in a raised position.

    Practice half yawns:

    Pragmatically, whenever you yawn your soft palette raises, and by doing this, our goal of learning to lift your soft palette would be achieved.

    Practice inhaling a K sound:

    Now try it yourself. Felt that? Yup, that’s how it feels when your soft palate is raised. Making this ‘K’ sound (do it subtly and not very aggressively) will lift your soft palette and you will get used to doing this more often.

    Now that you have learned how to lift your soft palate while speaking, the next step is to do it while singing also because the crux of doing all this is to make sure that you don’t sing from your nose, i.e. do it with your soft palette raised. You will notice a drastic change in the quality and pitch of your voice after this particular practice.

    Tip: Sing with and without your soft palette raised and notice the difference respectively. This will help you in finding an optimum point, which will help you conclude your best note/sound.

    Now that you’ve learned how to correctly use your soft palette to avoid any air passing through the nasal airways, it’s time to learn some general tips to avoid this problem, since that alone is not enough.

    Practice vocal techniques:

    Nasal singing is usually a consequence of partial/under-supported breathing and to avoid doing that, breathe from your diaphragm as deeply and firmly as you possibly can. Make sure to inhale through just your nose and exhale from both your nose and mouth.

    Warm-up your voice:

    As repetitive as it may sound amongst all the singing tips, it is a fact that without warming up your voice, you cannot sing. Practice lip trills, humming, vocal straws, arpeggios, etc. These will enable a good airflow throughout your airways.

    Take warm steam:

     Yes, just like you do when you have flu. It helps to clear the nasal airways and makes sure that your voice is clear and loud.

    At times a blocked nose is misunderstood for nasal singing, hence to avoid that this is a mandatory step.

    Maintain pleasant expressions:

    Find such facial expressions that compliment your voice. For instance, if you are smiling while singing, it will ruin your voice quality and notes for a fact.

    The ideal position is to keep your cheeks and chin lifted to make sure that your zygomatic muscles are lifted. Make sure to not pull down your facial muscles and that may close the throat which increases the chance of nasal singing.

    Maintain good postures:

    This is just as important as the other mentioned steps. Make sure to keep your back straight and your shoulders down. Stay relaxed as it will loosen the tension in your muscles. Practice singing against the wall to support your back etc.

    Conclusion: How to not sing through your nose

    All of these steps can very easily eradicate the problem of nasal singing from your life. As in any other case, practice is the key here too.

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